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The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology provides services in imaging and operating room conditions with all the facilities of modern medicine. With its high-tech equipment, it is possible to apply all kinds of orthopedics and trauma surgery 24 hours a day. Ultrasonography is used for the early diagnosis of hip dislocation in the newborn period, which increases the chance of success in the treatment. In addition, all kinds of orthopedic diseases in children, spine diseases and fractures in children and adults are treated. Knee and hip prostheses are performed with the help of the latest surgical techniques in the application of our elderly patients due to knee and hip arthrosis, and revision surgery is applied for relaxation and infection problems for these prostheses.  joint studies are carried out with our hospitals.


In orthopedic tumors, all kinds of limb-sparing surgical interventions are performed by using artificial joints, allograft and autograft bones in cooperation with the oncology department. Surgical interventions that allow athletes to return to sports as soon as possible in sports injuries, arthroscopic surgical methods applied to the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist are successfully applied with the support of the most advanced technology. Fractures and serious soft tissue injuries resulting from all kinds of injuries are treated by the trauma team serving 24 hours, using the latest surgical techniques and instruments, and in our rehabilitation centers, our patients are assisted in the post-operative period under the supervision of specialist doctors and physiotherapists. Surgical interventions for tendon, vascular and nerve cuts due to hand injuries, limb ruptures and hand and wrist disorders in rheumatic diseases, wrist and finger fractures and surgical treatments for ligament problems are applied intensively. 

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