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Our Goals

To organize trainings in order to ensure that institutions and organizations in the health sector and people who are interested in this field learn about health tourism professionally, raise awareness on this issue and meet the need for trained personnel.

















Domestic and International Promotion Studies
To make promotion and cooperation organizations with the events we will do at home and abroad so that Turkey can reach the place it deserves and use its current potential more efficiently in the rapidly growing and developing health tourism sector in the world.

















Conferences, Seminars and Congresses
To contribute to the Turkish health system by organizing congresses, conferences and seminars at home and abroad in order to be decisive in international destinations in the field of health tourism, to follow all academic developments and to exchange ideas.

















Social responsibility projects
To represent our country in the international arena as an NGO that produces solutions and develops projects not only in the field of health, but also in social and social problems, taking into account the benevolence and tolerance of the Turkish people, as well as the health tourism sector. Having a sense of social responsibility is to create projects to help us have the necessary social status for groups such as girls, housewives, refugees, disabled individuals and groups who cannot be included in social life, or who cannot be included in social life, and to include them in life.















To organize workshops by bringing people from all walks of life together with local governments in regions that exist in the field of health tourism throughout Turkey, but whose potential has not been discovered or that have difficulty in revealing their potential. Thus, to spread health tourism throughout the country.

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