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Male Infertility

20% of infertility is caused by the male factor alone, but together with other contributing factors, this rate reaches 40-50%. This is a problem that we encounter so often nowadays.  It is possible to treat a high rate with medical methods, surgical methods and in vitro fertilization. Instead of empirical applications and experimental suggestions, the first approach is to determine the problem realistically and to evaluate all aspects of treatment options together with the couple.

Advanced Female Age and Low Ovarian Reserve

Female age and ovarian reserve  whether spontaneous conception is attempted, vaccination or in vitro fertilization treatment is one of the most important factors affecting success on its own. However, advanced age and low ovarian reserve do not mean that you are completely hopeless.

Applications that Increase Success in IVF

Success; Selection of a center that attaches importance to quality control systems, where appropriate and sufficient technology is applied by an experienced and successful team, to ensure compliance with treatment and mutual trust, It is affected by many factors such as female age, ovarian reserve, cause of infertility, quality and genetic structure of embryos, etc. The golden key to the solution is determining your individual treatment options.

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