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Orthotics / prosthesis specialists evaluate the individual by considering the biomechanical characteristics of the existing problem, determine the needs in line with the evaluation made, select the individual prosthesis and orthosis, design, produce by taking individual measurements, ensure and control the prosthesis-orthosis compatibility on the individual, new technologies and developments in professional applications. They are inseparable members of the health and rehabilitation team, who follow and use them in their applications and play an active role in the development of original devices. Evaluating the patient according to special anatomical and biomechanical principles, determining their needs, selecting, designing and making the appropriate orthosis with the right material, and also supervising the construction, evaluating the made orthosis-prosthesis on the patient, ensuring the patient orthosis-prosthesis compatibility, monitoring new materials and technologies and using them in their professional practices and using them in their professional practices. In short, they are health professionals who play an active role in the development of patient care, blending the design and production of devices and contributing to increasing the functional level and independence of the person.

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