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Hair Transplant Treatment


The goal for every patient in hair transplantation is to achieve as natural and intense appearance as possible. Hair transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles taken from the area that is coded not to fall out (from the nape area between the two ears) to areas where hair gap has occurred or more than 50% thinning due to various reasons, with appropriate techniques to the area where shedding occurs. Since the person's own hair is used in this process, there is no disease transmission or the body's rejection of the transplanted hair.

How is Hair Transplantation Treatment Done?

hair transplantation; It is performed in the operating room environment by an experienced and professional team consisting of specialist doctors, anesthesia technicians, operating room nurses and other technicians. hair transplantation; The results are quite satisfactory when done under the control of a doctor, in appropriate physical conditions and using advanced techniques.

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