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Patients with ear complaints are evaluated with microscopic methods, and hearing tests are performed by experts with modern test methods in the outpatient clinic. 

All babies born in our hospitals are tested for hearing in a short time with objective techniques.


Patients with balance problems are evaluated in detail in the balance unit, and their treatment and follow-up are carried out with current methods.

Nasal examination is performed with nasal endoscopy and patients are visually informed about the diseases.


throat and  vocal cord examinations are performed with endoscopic and videostroboscopic methods.

It is performed for children, including tonsil surgery, adenoid surgery, ear tube application, advanced techniques, under general anesthesia, without age limit.


Nasal diseases and sinusitis are treated surgically with endoscopic methods under general anesthesia. Radiofrequency ablation method is applied for nasal flesh reduction.


For lacrimal gland diseases, endoscopic nasal dacryocystorhinostomy operations are performed together with the eye section.

For rhinoplasty  open or closed technique Rhinoplasty techniques are applied.


Microscopic ear surgery techniques are used for ear diseases, and modern Microscopic laryngeal surgery techniques are applied under general anesthesia in diseases related to the vocal cords.


Patients with complaints of snoring are evaluated in the sleep laboratory. Classical uvulopalatoplasty as surgical treatment,  radiofrequency ablation of hard and soft palate, tongue  Root radiofrequency ablation methods are applied.


Head and Neck region tumor  In these cases, patients are evaluated in tumor council with other surgical departments, up-to-date head and neck surgery methods are applied, and post-operative medical or radiation oncological treatment is planned and applied in our hospital.

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