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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the healthiest and most basic cells that are the basis of all organs and organisms. With the deterioration and deformation of these cells over time, signs of aging appear. Stem cells have been used in the treatment of serious diseases for many years. Stem cells, which have started to be used for the solution of aesthetic problems, provide serious improvements.

How Is Cell Therapy Done?

Stem cell therapy is done by injecting the stem cell fluid directly onto the problem area. Depending on the type of problem, in certain sessions and in 3 sets, a little more improvement and aesthetic appearance is obtained in each session.

Applications are performed under anesthesia and take an average of 45 minutes.

How Are Stem Cells Obtained?

Stem cells are obtained from the patient's own fat tissues to be treated. For this reason, patients who are considering regional slimming with liposuction can also improve their excess fat and receive stem cell therapy.

For stem cells, some amount of fat is taken from the patient, this amount is about a large glass of water on average. The removed fat tissues are processed in a special laboratory environment and become a liquid rich in stem cells.

This fluid is injected into the problem area.

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia, stem cell injection is performed under local anesthesia and the treatment is performed painlessly.

Which Problems Can Be Solved With Stem Cells?

With stem cell therapy,

  • Aging wrinkles on the skin, lines due to facial expressions.

  • Skin discoloration and spotting

  • Sagging due to loosening of collagen and elastin

  • skin lubrication

  • cellulite problem

  • A problem such as wanting to take precautions against aging can be solved.

Who Can Be Applied to Stem Cell Therapy?

This treatment can be applied to all patients approaching the middle age group, as long as their health and hormonal status allow. It is important to learn the suitability in consultation with the doctor and to prevent possible risks, as in any treatment, in stem cell therapy.

When Does Stem Cell Therapy Take Effect?

The treatment in question begins to show its effect after the first set application. The actual aesthetic state of the results, which are seen more clearly in the second and third set applications, is seen within 15 days after the last application.

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