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In the Chest Diseases Clinic, all diseases related to the branch are followed and treated. Patients are treated with a very experienced team in the field of Pulmonary Thromboembolism, thrombolytic therapy can be applied in cases of clinical urgency and, if necessary, catheter-guided, thrombolytic therapy can be applied together with the interventional radiology clinic. Pulmonary hypertension cases are evaluated by the multidisciplinary council and necessary follow-up and treatment are carried out.



In the outpatient follow-up of asthma and COPD patients, smokers are referred to a smoking cessation unit. Cases of resistant asthma are being investigated in the Allergy and Immunology Unit. Inhaler technique is evaluated at each control of the cases and necessary trainings are given. In addition, brochures and information training are provided for the prevention of allergens and risk factors in Asthma. In patients with COPD, inhaler treatments are arranged according to their stages, and smokers are made to quit smoking. "Technical training on using inhaler drugs", which is practiced in very few hospitals in our country, is given to all patients for whom a prescription is prescribed by the training nurse at every polyclinic application. Allergic skin test (prick test) for cases thought to have atopy is also performed by nurses trained in this field under the supervision of a doctor.

A detailed clinical, laboratory and radiological evaluation is performed in the outpatient clinic for patients with restrictive diseases such as COPD, Bronchiectasis, Kyphoscoliosis. Then, the cases suitable for respiratory physiotherapy are investigated by the cardiologist in terms of cardiac reserves with echocardiography. After the exercise capacities are evaluated with the shuttle walking test (shuttle) at an increasing rate in our newly established physiotherapy unit, respiratory physiotherapy is started. They are included in a 2-month outpatient physiotherapy program for two days a week.


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