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Plastic surgery combines both cosmetic (aesthetic) and reconstructive (repair) surgery. Cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery is performed with the aim of reshaping the normal structure of the body in order to improve the patient's appearance and increase his/her self-confidence.

Reconstructive (repair) surgery is applied to abnormal structures of the body that are born from birth, caused by growth abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumor or disease. Today, surgery that will improve the appearance of the person (fat suction,
  Many options have developed and continue to develop, such as liposuction (fat removal) , tummy tuck, nose - breast - eyelid, rhinoplasty) and non-surgical interventions (filling, chemical skin peeling, laser).



Aesthetic facial surgery is the first type of plastic surgery. It is possible to perform many surgical and non-surgical applications related to the neck and the organs above. It covers changing the face shape, different nose operations, neck lift operations, chin correction operations, rescuing the tired appearance of the eyelids, correcting the ear shape and many more. Among the non-surgical applications, filling, hyaluronic acid and similar wrinkle removal / rejuvenation injections, botox and laser applications are the most used ones.





There are many methods that can be applied in the body area. It contains many non-surgical methods such as laser epilation, mesotherapy, peeling, Botulinum toxin. There are surgical applications such as lipoaspiration, skin surgery on the arms and legs, and removal of excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Laser epilation is one of the most applied non-surgical methods in the body area.





    Breast surgery is the most sought-after surgery in France. In addition to operations such as breast enlargement and reduction, operations such as lifting, reconstruction, prosthesis removal are frequently performed. Today, men with fat deposition or grandular hypertrophy resort to breast reduction operations.

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