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President of the Health Tourism Association

"Believe in yourself and believe that you will succeed, you are the first resource you will need on the way to reach your goal"

Ercan KARAKUŞ, who was born in 1971 in the Gürün district of Sivas, attended Primary and Secondary School in Ankara. Subsequently, he completed his military high school education in Çankırı NCO Preparation School in 1988 and then took class and branch training at Mamak Combat School and started to work in the TAF in 1989. He worked successfully in various fields in many provinces of Turkey, especially in the eastern and southeastern Anatolian provinces. Finally, he retired from his job in 2014 while he was working in the MEBS branch Directorate in Sakarya. Ercan KARAKUŞ, who met with Health Tourism in 2015, started to work as the General Coordinator of the Turkish Health Tourism Association in 2016, organized trainings in the field of Health Tourism during this duty, served as the 8th International Health Tourism Coordinator with Procurement Committees supported by the Ministry of Commerce. It tries to support the sector by establishing its association. Ercan KARAKUS is married and has 3 children. Does not smoke.

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